Mango-Yogurt-Oats Parfait

It is mango season and all I can think of is eating mangoes in various forms, pickles, shakes, smoothies or parfaits! Did you know “parfait” is the French for “perfect?” Well! That’s what this beauty is! My strawberry yogurt and mango parfait is the perfect way of breaking your fast when all you have is just fifteen minutes to fix yourself your morning fuel. Eating clean and healthy isn’t really that simple. So, grab a spoon and feast, without a morsel of guilt!

Mango-Yogurt-Oats Parfait


  • Ripe mango- 1 large, peeled and pulped
  • Full fat yogurt( I used strawberry flavoured)-1 cup
  • Rolled oats- ½ cup
  • Chopped nuts (pistachios and almonds)-1 tablespoon each
  • Blueberries/Strawberries or any fruit of choice for topping
  • Thandai powder (optional)- 1 tablespoon (Recipe for thandai powder:


  1. Blend the mangoes to make a smooth puree, add the thandai powder and mix
  2. Layer a parfait glass with strawberry yogurt, followed by rolled oats and pureed mango
  3. Top it with nuts and fruits of your choice and chill in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before serving


Calories per portion- 150
Nutrition- Protein punch/Good fat/ Vitamins C, A /Fiber/Flavonoids
It does wonders for your- Gut/Bowels/Skin/Immunity/Vision/Bones
This is “My 8am/3pm Meal”

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