Video Chats and Live Interviews

An archive of video chats and live interviews with bloggers, chefs, entrepreneurs, and many interesting people by

Interview with Chef Palash Mitra of New Punjab Club

In August 2020, I had the opportunity to speak to the culinary director for South Asian cuisines at Black Sheep Restaurants, Chef Palash Mitra live on Instagram account. In this video chat, the Chef answers interesting questions and takes us BTS to create a unique recipe – Scallop Bhelpuri!

Chat with Blogging Coach Shailaja V

In July 2020, I spoke to Shailaja V about blogging 101. As a blogging coach, Shailaja’s works with many bloggers to help grow their digital presence in an organic, authentic manner. In our video chat, she shares tips for new bloggers on how to create meaningful content and monetize your blog. You definitely don’t want to miss this one!

First-Ever Insta Live with Rinkel Arpit Khasgiwala from Dine Delicious

It was our first-ever Insta Live! We were both nervous but prepared. Rinkel who runs the fabulous food blog Dine Delicious, and I sat down to talk about our food journeys, YouTube videos, food photography and running a food blog. It is an insightful chat if you are a food blogger too!

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