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Healthy Indian food is an oxymoron! Until a few years back, I too believed in this stereotype . Soon after the birth of my oldest child, like many young mothers, I was worried about getting back in shape and switched to a completely new diet – quinoa, chia and all sorts of super foods were now an integral part of my high protein-low carb meal plan. Although I succeeded, it always felt like a temporary phase as I kept craving for ‘real’ food – growing up, I was spoilt on great tasting meals. Struggling with managing separate diets for rest of the family including my two young kids, I realized I had to find a sustainable solution – after all isn’t food the one single panacea for many a problems in life? And thus began this journey to develop a wholesome meal plan for the family – balanced, healthy but varied and tasty.

I researched the evolution of Indian cuisine, one that I was most familiar with, intrigued by a simple question – how did one of the most ancient civilizations in human history end up with such an unhealthy cuisine? As I looked through over a dozen different cooking styles in a diverse country like India where each province has its own character & history, I was pleasantly surprised with my findings. An Indian meal is in fact, one of the most scientifically created meals, Japanese being another. Another overlooked aspect is that modern lifestyle has resulted in inadvertent short-cuts in cooking methods, as a result, the contemporary palate has lost out on several benefits of science behind the original recipes and ingredients. This was such a stark contrast to my broader observation that Indian food is losing its appeal to the health conscious global citizen. Mention Indian food and the image of curry and high carb binge food come to mind, thanks to decades of advertising and typical menu plans of Indian restaurants around the world reinforcing that view. And this makes me sad because nothing could be further from the truth which is clear if one studied the evolution.

My blog is an attempt to share these findings as I aspire to bring the faith back in Indian food and share some interesting fun facts in my recipes. Although I am no certified nutritionist and there are umpteen number of food websites already in the internet era, I struggled to find a ‘one-stop-shop’ that could provide comprehensive help in meal planning. I aspire to achieve that by combining my own recipes along with inspiration from others in this blog. My quest for varied family meals led me to experiment with other cuisines as well as I share my views on developing a balanced diet.

I hope you find it worth your time to browse through my blog and are excited to try these recipes for your loved ones. I would love nothing more than hearing back from you – words of wisdom, critique or applause, everything would be embraced with equal love. Do keep in touch.





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