Almond-Turmeric Laddoos

We live in uncertain times with new diseases and health conditions emerging every other day and making our already stressful lives even harder. While it is only natural to worry about our and our loved ones’ health, it is of little help as worrying and stressing only impairs one’s immunity. Easier said than done I know and I feel I take 5 steps ahead and 6 steps back. But staying away from negative media and constant reminder to bring yourself back in the present moment helps.

It was on one such stressful afternoon when I watched a video by the famous and well respected holistic lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho . In that short video he spoke about small steps that one can take to boost one’s immunity which involved taking a balanced diet and including protein in every meal and working out. He also highlighted certain food items like -almonds, turmeric, ginger, kiwi, pumpkin amongst others which have great immune boosting properties. But most importantly , I feel , were his closing lines that no matter how healthy and how well one eats, it is going to be of no help if we are not mentally healthy-positive thoughts and good quality sleep, in other words a holistically healthy lifestyle in the truest sense of the word. And I feel this is pertinent and poignant not just in the current times when the world is trying to fight COVID19 but in all days and times.

As I watched the video, I tried to figure the best way possible to get all the immune boosters Luke mentioned in our diet in the simplest and more importantly a kid friendly manner and the instant thought was Laddoos or Bliss Balls . While I followed a certain proportion I feel it is an extremely forgiving recipe and you can play around with the ingredients and their quantities based on your taste. For example I added some ghee roasted Makhanas (fox nuts) to add more body and crunch to the laddoos

Immune Boosting Almond Turmeric Laddoos inspired by Luke Coutinho

When I make bliss balls or laddoos I usually blended all the ingredients together in a highs speed blender or nutribullet. This time I did not have nutribullet at hand so I powdered all ingredients separately and then eventually blitzed it together for a few seconds to give it a nice mix.

I used two tablespoons ghee in the recipe but if you would like a smoother texture you can use a little extra. I recommend eating a laddoo first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with warm after or you could also enjoy it as an afternoon snack. Sharing this just in time for Holi for you to try.Immune Boosting Almond Turmeric Laddoos inspired by Luke Coutinho

Almond-Turmeric Laddoos

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 100

Serving Size: Makes 12-15 medium sized laddoos


  • Almond- 1 cup
  • Fox Nuts or Makhana, roasted in ghee- 3/4 cup
  • Pumpkin seeds- 1/2 cup
  • Turmeric- 1 tsp
  • Ginger Powder- 1 tsp
  • Freshly pound Black Pepper- 3/4 tsp
  • Jaggery, powdered or chopped fine- 1.5 cups or as per taste (can be substituted with honey)
  • Pure Ghee or Cold-pressed Coconut Oil- 2 tbsp


  1. Blend almonds, fox nuts and pumpkin seeds one at a time in a high speed blender
  2. Next, mix all the powdered ingredients with the remanding ingredients and blend for 10-15 seconds again
  3. Empty the contents in a bowl, grease palms with some ghee and make laddoos of desired size
  4. Place in an air-tight container at room temperature and consume within a week

Immune Boosting Almond Turmeric Laddoos inspired by Luke Coutinho

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