Chicken Bharta Wrap | Curry In A Wrap

We have been away from home on a vacation. And most times, I need a vacation after one. So I put together a simple curry in a wrap – chicken bharta wrap. Traveling is great but coming back to the comfort of your home and routine? Nothing compares. Or maybe I am an old soul trapped in a 35-year-old’s body 🤪 . Anyway, this is the longest I have been away from home and home food. And surprisingly enough I kind of de-stressed putting this simple meal of chicken bharta wrap together. As I jokingly mentioned to my mother on the phone, while the kids kept themselves busy in their room, that this felt like a vacation after the past two weeks of being on the road! I am sure the chores will soon start weighing me down and the need to run away from it all would become pressing again but until then I am going to savor this comforting feeling of familiarity and routine. Coming back to the wrap, I adapted the recipe for Chicken Bharta from Sukanya’s blog and modified it a bit to suit the wrap style. I used corn tortillas for the wrap. For the … Continue reading Chicken Bharta Wrap | Curry In A Wrap