Tomato Fish Curry and Childhood Memories

Millennials belonging to a typical middle-class Indian family would agree that even non-vegetarian households do not eat meat every day. This was partly for health reasons and partly due to economic reasons. Therefore, meat curry or fish curry was a luxury of sorts reserved for the weekend revelry. Now, whether it was meat or fish, was decided largely based on where in India you lived. If like me you grew up in eastern India, fish would score over other kinds of meat any day. More often than not freshwater fish like rohu or catla is what we commonly had at home. As both my parents had a six-day workweek, automatically Sunday was the only day the entire family would get together for lunch. This meant it had to be a complete Indian thaali experience. The star would be this spicy, tangy tomato fish curry that my mother would prepare. Childhood Memories A typical Sunday would start with my father returning from his morning walk, carrying fresh fish from the local fishmongers. Then we would eat a breakfast of poha while watching Rangoli (a one hour show featuring hit Hindi song numbers from the yesteryears) on the only channel telecasted those … Continue reading Tomato Fish Curry and Childhood Memories