Shooting Closeups with Standard Lenses

Hello guys! I am Shilpa, a food content creator based in Bangalore, India and the person behind my blog and Instagram page: Vanilla Trails. A little about myself I am an engineer by profession and quit a 9 year stint in the IT sector to  finally follow my passion for food. I discovered my love for food quite recently. Until 10 years ago, I didn’t even know I liked exploring new cuisines and flavours nor did I know that I was capable of cooking even rice let alone bake fancy desserts. It was my love for baking and creating healthy recipes that began my journey of food photography. I wanted to be able to share these recipes and pictures with everyone. A self taught baker and food photographer most of my knowledge is thanks to generous people who have shared their knowledge on their blogs and YouTube channels. Here is my humble attempt to share a few tips on shooting close ups with standard lenses that I have learnt along the way. Shooting Closeups doesn’t have to be an expensive affair We all love the magic of a good closeup shot- the beauty in the details that our eyes don’t … Continue reading Shooting Closeups with Standard Lenses