Prawn Pulao Recipe | Easy Recipe with Coconut Milk

If you are a crustacean fan (in your meals) then the chance are high that you would love this Prawn Pulao recipe with coconut milk. It is super easy to put together and so delicious that you will come back looking for seconds. If you ask me, very few things spell comfort like a well made pulaao. Holding a bowlful of this rice dish with a spicy pickle or raita on the side , scooping out spoonfuls , savouring the aroma before devouring the morsels, in my opinion, is comfort which can bring peace to most distressed of minds. And that this Prawn Pulaao is a complete one pot meal, makes it an even more desirable option on the menu. You can play around with the ingredients and sneak in some veggies too. Some helpful tips to make a delicious Prawn Pulao: If possible try to test the brand of rice for the amount of water it takes to cook without having to drain any excess. Some long grained Basmatis cook well in 1:1 water ratio (1 cup rice to 1 cup liquid) , some 1:1.5 (1 cup rice to 1.5 cups of liquid) and some need 1:2. Testing this … Continue reading Prawn Pulao Recipe | Easy Recipe with Coconut Milk