Pan Fried Salmon in Mint, Coriander Sauce

And my tryst with salmon continues. Or should I say pan fried salmon? After several trials and re-trials in my mind, I finally dared to give this recipe a shot. Although the steamed fish with chutney version (inspired by the Parsi dish Patra Ni Macchi) was a winner with white fish, replicating the exact same recipe with salmon would not yield desired results. This is due to the strong flavor of salmon itself. So, I decided to give our dear salmon a double dose of our dearest mint and coriander chutney. Next, instead of steaming it, I pan fried salmon. There are a few other changes and adjustments that I made and I think it helped improve this recipe. I was happy with the results, but maybe I should hold on to my horses and wait for you to try the recipe. Let me know what you think about it. Or even better do you have some tips to share in the comments below? For more fish recipes, I got your back. Try my spicy fish soup or prawns in coconut cream sauce. While you are at it, let me know what is your favourite of fish in the comments … Continue reading Pan Fried Salmon in Mint, Coriander Sauce