Masala Roast Chicken | One-Pot Meal Recipe

Serendipity and cooking go hand in hand. I truly believe some of the best recipes are born purely by chance and the willingness to try something new. This Masala Roast Chicken recipe is one such. Let me tell you why. I was hosting some friends for dinner and decided to make Chicken Dum Biryani. I marinated the chicken the night before as per the recipe. Next morning the desi in me went into overdrive and I ended up making a couple of more items than originally planned. By the time I got done, I realised that the Chicken Biryani was not complementing any of the dishes on the menu. And maybe too many choices would lead to people not savouring and enjoying any dish! Hence the biryani plan was canned after consultation with the husband. But the meat had been marinated already! What was I to do with it? Making another curry wasn’t an option as I had already made two of those. Biryani Chicken to This Wholesome Masala Roast Chicken So, I decided to make a dry preparation which wouldn’t be as dry as a tandoori recipe but would be great with rotis. And that is how this Masala … Continue reading Masala Roast Chicken | One-Pot Meal Recipe