Dhaniya Chicken | A One-Pot Meal

While chicken is a favorite in our household, I am always looking for ways to add some green. This one-pot dhaniya chicken is a household hit as it ticks chicken for the family and greens for me! If you have read my other posts, you know how much chicken is loved in my home. The days we have chicken on the menu, I know all stakeholders are happy and meals are wiped off of the plates without much fuss. Hence I am always looking for ways to create a variety with chicken. At the moment, I am also finding ways to make one-pot meals. This means I do not need to make more than one dish for dinners on a weeknight. This dhaniya chicken is just that. Pairing chicken with greens such as dhaniya (coriander), paalak (spinach), methi (fenugreek leaves) is a common way of making complete, wholesome meals with this meat. My recipe here is in no way the authentic method of making this dish. But this is the version we have been making for years in our family now. And it is a super hit! The preparation is simple and can be put together in an hour (yes, … Continue reading Dhaniya Chicken | A One-Pot Meal