Chicken Kofta in Appe/Aebleskiver Pan | Easy & Healthy Recipe

Chicken Kofta- a food that has transcended history and culture! Indian, Balkan, Central Asian, Middle Eastern cuisines are full of various versions of this dish What is a Kofta? The word “kofta” is derived from the Farsi words kōfta and kōftan. The former means savoury minced meat stuffed inside a ball shape pastry. Kōftan, on the other hand means “to grind.” Kofta in its present form is no longer just a ball and no longer stuffed in a pastry . It also now comes in all shapes and forms- oblong, flat patty or cylindrical . This recipe by Clean Eating Mag is one of my favourites Middle Eastern Kofta recipes. In traditional recipes kofta is deep fried and then eaten with a dip as is or in a wrap. We often make Chicken Koftas and even Lamb koftas to go into our wraps or to be added as protein to our salads. But we also love absolutely doing is to dunk it into a rich and creamy gravy every now and then. It is great with Chapatis or even hot rice. While the curry itself can be made as indulgent or healthy as you would like it to be, even the … Continue reading Chicken Kofta in Appe/Aebleskiver Pan | Easy & Healthy Recipe