Behind the Scenes & Styling Tips by Ritumbhara Chinnabalan

Hello! I am Ritumbhara – Food photographer and Recipe Developer based in India. A simple country girl living in a small town in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu . Had you asked me my future plans two years back, you would have heard a surprisingly different story unveil but here I am today – having found my true calling 🙂 Of all the different things I’ve tried to do, cooking has had my fascination since childhood- from jumping in joy upon sighting a fruit vendor to enjoying chopping vegetables! Few things have never changed for me! I still remain that girl who enjoys the simple things in life. My work is deeply influenced / inspired by exactly the same thing – “ LIFE ” My town, my culture, the mundane and humble everyday acts that take up my day including feeding and cuddling my chicks. These are some of the things that reflect in my work. One of my mantras is – Art should be evocative, convey a message and make the viewer feel deeply connected . And each of my images is a reflection of the same. When I am not behind the lens you would find me reading, singing and randomly … Continue reading Behind the Scenes & Styling Tips by Ritumbhara Chinnabalan