Beetroot Pilau, A Healthy Weekend Dinner

Before we jump into the delicious and healthy beetroot pilau recipe, let’s take a step back. Did I ever tell you how judged I feel being a stay at home mother? Well! I do! I have friends (don’t know if it is the right label to attach, but let’s call them that for lack of a better word) asking me directly or indirectly what do I do all day and why in the world do I get “Monday morning blues” as I don’t even go to work. And not only do I find it hard to explain my seemingly worthless routine to them but even harder to not judge them back for leaving their kids with a helper and going to work. I grew up around a very independent and forward-thinking mother who made a career out of what she loved and who (in those days) was judged for having a career and not being physically there for her kids 24×7; a mother who made her kids very independent at an early age and taught them to do their own laundry and pack their own lunch box – a gift for which I will forever be thankful! How funny are … Continue reading Beetroot Pilau, A Healthy Weekend Dinner