Beaten-Rice Yogurt Mango Parfait

Do you know my inspiration behind this recipe for the beaten-rice yogurt mango parfait? Believe it or not, it is from an Indian dish I ate as a child. The humble poha (beaten-rice) or choora is a staple in most rice-producing regions of India. Mostly eaten as savoury, an interesting sweet version with yogurt is consumed in Bihar (a state in eastern India). Long before the days of rolled oats and granola bowls, ¬†choora dahi (beaten-rice yogurt) or aam choora (mango beaten-rice) used to be our morning fuel – pure, healthy and satiating. After so many years, even today when I crave a quick, soulful breakfast, I fix myself a bowl of this beaten-rice and yogurt yumminess and double up on the mango layer during summers. This combination of cool yogurt, beaten-rice, and thick mango puree along with some thandai powder, while being delish is also great for your gut, skin and immunity. Scroll down to see how easy it is to whip up this parfait version of the humble wonder from my homeland. Let me know how you enjoy the beaten-rice yogurt mango parfait in your comments below. And for more parfait recipes don’t forget to check out this … Continue reading Beaten-Rice Yogurt Mango Parfait